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It was in 1951 that Aberaeron last had a drama group. They called themselves the Amateur Dramatic and Play Reading Club and on March 17th in that year, the Club’s final performance at Aberaeron Memorial Hall consisted of two short plays –  The Monkey’s Paw, a thriller by W W Jacobs and The Folly of Seithenyn, based on the legend of Cantre’r Gwaelod by Ken Etheridge.

Therefore, in 2004 more than fifty years later, Aberaeron once again ventured forth to realise MEMORAMA – officially known as an Amateur Dramatic and Operatic Group, but to the company, it was a great opportunity to mix and socialise, and of course, some acting and singing on stage too.  The name was coined by the late Paul Evans, a founder member – a clever mix of the Memorial Hall, MEMORAMA’s spiritual home, and the term drama.

As Dylan Thomas once said – To begin at the beginning, it is a soft summer evening in the sleepy seaside town of Aberaeron in July 2004.  A small expectant audience is awaiting the curtain to rise on the first production of the newly formed company.  The play Twelfth Man was a comedic tale of intrigue, trickery and embarrassing revelations in a village cricket club. 



If you would like to take part in any aspect of amateur dramatics,

we would be very happy to hear from you!

The more the merrier!

We meet at Aberaeron Memorial Hall on Tuesdays at 7pm.

01545 574934                                                info@aberaeronmemorialhall.org.uk

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